The Winter of 2010

Well, I am sure that any people who happened to read Big Fishs’ Blog that is a part of the Big Fish Web Pages, will have wondered where the hell I have been for the last year.  I am going to make the explanation quick and simple…….got pneumonia,  took many many tests,  found that I had prostate cancer.  The Veterans Administration found the cancer and wanted to give me hormone therapy, radiation therapy, and some other thing that I did not understand.  I decided to get another opinion at the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City, UT.  They advised me to have the prostate taken out. Went home and went to the Veterans in Las Vegas.  Told them what Huntsman said.  Veterans basically said do it our way or no way. Thanked the Veterans for finding the cancer and went back to Huntsman and had the dam thing out.  Cancer confined to prostate…….no radiation , no nothing…….cancer gone.  If any of you out there have been diagnoised with cancer… know the mental effects…….unbelievable.  I barely held the business together and did no writing, which I really missed. It’s like a new lease on life but there is no way they can get the word “CANCER” out of your mind.  Time, time and more time.  Keeping busy and realizing I am one of the luckiest persons alive.


During the lost summer of 2009 I managed to keep the business going but that was about the extent of it.  Very little maintainence and after I got out of the hospital and realized what little I had done for the business I was really upset with myself.  At any rate we have already sent the motors out to have them “gone thru” and we are putting new railings  and a new top on the pontoon.  And a bunch of other little stuff that was neglected while I sat around and felt sorry for myself.  We have been selling wood to Vegas since November and that has really helped in my recovery……working, doing something.  I am looking forward to the summer of 2010 so that I can communicate with the people that I know, my regular customers.


We have had a load of snow in January and the temps went down to 15 below zero in December.  Don who live in the Eagle Valley Resort Campground caught a 9lb 3oz German Brown ice fishing…WOW.  If any one deserves to catch that big trout it was Don.  Ever time that I drive by the Reservoir I would see him in a different spot drilling a new hole.  He really worked at it and it paid off.  Pat and John, the owners of Eagle Valley Resort are having the fish mounted and it will be displayed at the Resort .


Well, I’ll get back to all of you much sooner that the last time, God willing.  Take care and have a cold one for me………….Dennis

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